Let’s refresh your business marketing!

With so many marketing strategies, tools and options available, do you scratch your head and wonder which choices are best for your business? Does it seem like the things that used to work are no longer as effective?
 Are you finding it hard to step back and get a clear head to work on your business when you’re flat out working in it?

You’re not alone! As business owners we have to wear so many hats and juggle so many tasks……. If you don’t have marketing expertise or the marketing budget of Coca Cola, it can be challenging to create your own effective marketing plan.

Marketing Magic (minus the overwhelm).

Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. With the clarity and direction of a focused, proven method, it’s easy to confidently raise your profile, engage your clients and grow your business and profits

Together, we’ll put method in your marketing.

With a potent combination of 11 years in corporate marketing and 7 years of business and franchise ownership, I can provide fresh ideas and actionable strategies to build your business. Together, we’ll attract the right clients to drive profitable growth.

And generate the business growth you’re seeking

You can count on great results with my marketing consulting, business coaching, keynote speaking and marketing workshops all based on my strategic 7-step Client Engagement Marketing Model.

Let’s take you from where you are to where you want to be!